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The Best Ways to Showcase Mismatching Furniture

Maybe you have a number of well-loved pieces that you can’t bear to part with. Maybe you really enjoy the eclectic look. Maybe you’re trying to use what you have instead of investing in new pieces. No matter the reason, if you’re looking for some assistance in how to rework a design using mismatched furniture, our Décor Aid interior designers have some tips to creating a cohesive design while still keeping all elements unique. Here are just a few of their can’t-go-wrong tips.

Look for unifying elements.

Placement should be precise and purposeful, and dependent upon what you can find in different pieces that bring them together and look like they were indeed chosen for the same space, even if it’s not necessarily true. Look for a similar thread of color, a comparable shape or silhouette, a signature style, or other varying elements. You’ll want at least a few large-scale pieces that have this unifying element, like a sofa, chair or table, to pair with some small scale elements that can be added in afterwards based on placement. You’ll want to ensure that this unifying idea is present all around the room, so try not to group the items together in one area. This will allow the eye to travel around the room and identify the cohesion between all these pieces. Even if at first glance they appear drastically different, the eye will take notice of the small, subtle similarities.

Keep it neutral…

When creating an interior design based off of an eclectic, mismatched look, it can be helpful to stick to neutrals instead of varying loud colors that will simply not appear cohesive together. Neutrals come in a variety of shades, so you needn’t stick with a simple beige in order to make this idea work. Look for greys, blacks, whites, and other colors that pair easily with other patterns, textures, and shades, so that when you bring everything together, it feels like a fully formed concept.

…But at the same time, don’t forget a statement piece.

Part of the appeal of a mismatched, eclectic design is the array of different elements and colors that can be integrated into the design, so don’t shy away from color either. Ideally, you should include some sort of statement piece that provides a pop of color to fully emphasize the contrast between the different items, and if you’re going to do a mismatched look, you might as well go big! Tie this into your unifying elements, and see what a contrasting but complementary color would look like in this color scheme. Sprinkle a few slight pops of color throughout your small decor to tie it all together.

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