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Making Old Spaces New Again: 5 Creative Uses for Aging Buildings

Older homes, landscapes, and commercial districts are prime spaces for revitalization. They offer character and charm that is often difficult to find in new construction.   If you are one of the many people who delights in strolling through time-worn halls and rooms or meandering along historic garden paths, why not try one of these ideas to help you share that love with others. 

1. Antique Stores

An antique or vintage store in an older home is a great way to share a love of things from days gone by. The atmosphere and ambiance of history in every room can be used to showcase treasures of your own or from different vendors. Be sure to comply with any zoning restrictions when you undertake any type of adaptive reuse project. 

2. Bed and Breakfast

Some older homes are teeming with extra bedrooms. Don’t overlook the flexibility of using all that extra space to host travelers. With the rise of websites like Airbnb, it is easier than ever to get bookings. You will be able to choose when you want to have guests, so you can plan this type of business around the rest of your life. 

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3. Event Venue

If you like hosting friends and family, turning an older building into a special event venue could be a step up from operating a bed and breakfast. In fact, it could help to revitalize the surrounding area and bring clientele to other existing businesses. Shop around for caterers, cake designers, photographers, and other professionals that you could partner with to market and build your event business. You might even consider getting ordained to officiate at the weddings you will be hosting. 

4. Educational Garden

Not all old spaces are within buildings. If you have an older garden or outdoor space, why not consider turning it into an educational garden? This can let you share your love of historical plants, gardening practices, and even tools or preservation methods with future generations. 

No matter what you choose to do with an older building, work to ensure that it fits in with the surrounding neighborhood, both in style and goals. 

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