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Is the Kitchen Your Least Favorite Space?

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It can be frustrating to look around your kitchen and feel like throwing your hands up in surrender. Kitchen design 30 and more years ago didn’t put much stock in having the right type and amount of storage, appliance layout, or beauty in fixtures. Kitchens of old were designed with basic use in mind.

Are you dealing with clutter and a lack of storage?

Is your kitchen lacking space and have a feeling of being cluttered all the time? You can renovate the layout of your kitchen to create more room and install enough storage to finally have the room you need. Completely clear off your counters and feel better organized. You can more efficiently manage the space you have available.

Is your sink and faucet from a bygone era?

Owner’s of older homes that have not been renovated in decades are dealing with kitchen sinks and faucets that are outdated and often leak. Upgrading the sink and faucet to a more contemporary style that works is more affordable than you think.

Are your cabinets and counters scarred and broken?

Counters can become stained, scarred, warped and loose after decades of daily use. You can change the countertops to a more durable material. Choose a new set of cabinets that have working doors and no missing hardware. Pick the colors and styles of cabinets and counters that match and give your kitchen a custom look.

Has your kitchen flooring seen better days?

Cracked tile or worn linoleum on the floor provides a surface that’s impossible to keep clean. Have the old material stripped away and add new materials that will last for years. You can even choose vinyl or natural wood.

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