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A Sprinkler System Can Be Surprisingly Updated or Replaced

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If you are wanting to install a sprinkler system St Louis area, choose to work with a company that provides outstanding solutions and installation of landscaping and irrigation needs. No project is the same as others, so you need a company that takes a personalized approach to each landscaping situation to achieve the best design and results by considering all the factors involved including the shape and slope of the outdoor space, rainfall, latest innovative

For example, the latest innovative technology features a system that gets the most out of your irrigation and delivers the perfect amount of water to maximize efficiency. Each sprinkler head is placed carefully with an automatic setting for proper coverage in the ideal location and to promote healthy plants.

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The controllers have self-programming technology that works by calculating the time for watering each individual zone and is based on plant type, soil type, and the current weather report, which is obtained through a Wi-Fi connection. This system is user-friendly, low maintenance that reduces the amount of time to spend taking care of it, eliminates wasteful watering, and saves you money.

It is recommended to set the sprinkler system to run in the early morning hours because you should save between 30 percent and 50 percent of the water you would otherwise use. Watering before the sun rises gives the soil an opportunity to absorb the water rather than have it quickly evaporated in the hot sun.

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