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How To Choose a Fence for Your Home

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When you’re thinking about putting up a fence around your backyard or garden, there are many factors you need to take into consideration, such as the height and the materials. These depend a great deal upon what purpose your fence is supposed to serve. Once you’ve made these decisions, a fencing contractor Lake County IL can install the fence for you.

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Considerations That Affect Fence Height

If you are trying to contain pets, the size of the pet influences the fence’s height. For dogs that are small or medium sized, you probably do not need anything taller than 4 feet, but if your dog is larger and/or is a good jumper, you need a fence at least 6 feet high. Also keep in mind that some dogs may try to escape a fenced-in yard by digging. If this is the case for your canine pal, be sure you place hardscaping along the fence line or bury the fence at least 6 inches underground.

If you want a fence to protect your privacy from nosy neighbors, you need a fence at least 6 feet tall, assuming that the local building codes will allow it. However, in this case it is not only the height that is important but the opacity. The fence won’t afford you much privacy if there are large gaps in it through which sneaky eyes can peek.

Considerations That Affect Fencing Material

Perhaps your need for privacy is combined with a desire to feel safe from potential intruders. In that case, you need a security fence that is not only tall (at least 8 feet) and opaque but lockable and sturdy, with nothing on the outside that could provide a handhold.

Sometimes you may want to block the sights and sounds of the street outside while still letting in the natural light. In this instance, a lattice-like design, a fence with gaps between the boards, or something unusual, like frosted glass, would be in order.

Whatever your particular needs, there are materials and options available. In special circumstances, customization may even be possible.

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The Best Ways to Showcase Mismatching Furniture

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Maybe you have a number of well-loved pieces that you can’t bear to part with. Maybe you really enjoy the eclectic look. Maybe you’re trying to use what you have instead of investing in new pieces. No matter the reason, if you’re looking for some assistance in how to rework a design using mismatched furniture, our Décor Aid interior designers have some tips to creating a cohesive design while still keeping all elements unique. Here are just a few of their can’t-go-wrong tips.

Look for unifying elements.

Placement should be precise and purposeful, and dependent upon what you can find in different pieces that bring them together and look like they were indeed chosen for the same space, even if it’s not necessarily true. Look for a similar thread of color, a comparable shape or silhouette, a signature style, or other varying elements. You’ll want at least a few large-scale pieces that have this unifying element, like a sofa, chair or table, to pair with some small scale elements that can be added in afterwards based on placement. You’ll want to ensure that this unifying idea is present all around the room, so try not to group the items together in one area. This will allow the eye to travel around the room and identify the cohesion between all these pieces. Even if at first glance they appear drastically different, the eye will take notice of the small, subtle similarities.

Keep it neutral…

When creating an interior design based off of an eclectic, mismatched look, it can be helpful to stick to neutrals instead of varying loud colors that will simply not appear cohesive together. Neutrals come in a variety of shades, so you needn’t stick with a simple beige in order to make this idea work. Look for greys, blacks, whites, and other colors that pair easily with other patterns, textures, and shades, so that when you bring everything together, it feels like a fully formed concept.

…But at the same time, don’t forget a statement piece.

Part of the appeal of a mismatched, eclectic design is the array of different elements and colors that can be integrated into the design, so don’t shy away from color either. Ideally, you should include some sort of statement piece that provides a pop of color to fully emphasize the contrast between the different items, and if you’re going to do a mismatched look, you might as well go big! Tie this into your unifying elements, and see what a contrasting but complementary color would look like in this color scheme. Sprinkle a few slight pops of color throughout your small decor to tie it all together.

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Choosing the Right Kind of Landscaping for Your Property

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As a home or business owner, you want your property to look appealing while also being safe and functional. You want the lawn to be green and lush while also being easy for which to care.

When you are not sure what kind of grass to put down or what kind of trees, shrubs, or flowers to plant, you may want to partner with professionals who are trained and experienced in residential and commercial landscaping. By educating yourself about shrubs, trees, flowers, and st augustine sod jacksonville fl property owners like you could get the aesthetics you want for your outdoor lawn and garden area.

Ease of Care

As much as you want the landscape to be beautiful, your first priority might involve choosing a type of landscaping that is easy for which to care. After all, you may not plan on spending all day long outside in the elements taking care of every patch of grass. You want it to more or less take care of itself.

The sod and grass choices available to you are hearty and resilient to all types of elements including dry heat, frequent rain, and even colder temperatures. It will not wither, brown, and die, forcing you to replant it because of exposure to harsh weather conditions. It will sustain itself and remain green and lush year round with proper care.

The type of care you give it will basically involve watering and mowing it on a regular basis. You do not necessarily need to water it everyday. In fact, over-watering it could cause it to develop fungal infections and die.

The landscaping company can educate you fully about your choice of grass, sod, and other landscaping elements that you choose from its website. You will be fully prepared to take care of it on your own. Alternatively, you could entrust its care to the very company that planted it for you.

Lush landscaping can add beauty and value to your home or business. You can find out more about your options by going on the website today.

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Should You Replace the Windows in Your Home?

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Do you live in an older home? It may have been a family home, or you might have purchased a fixer-upper, so that you could remodel it to suit your needs. Either way, when it comes to getting the home in good shape, you may need to replace the windows. This can provide a number of benefits.

Old Windows Affect the Appearance of the Home

Windows that are old, worn, broken, or just generally in bad shape will make your home look bad. Curb appeal is very important, even if you are not planning to sell. You don’t want your home to be the eyesore of the neighborhood, and it is quite likely that your neighbors do not want it to either. Windows are one of the most outstanding features of your home and can make a huge difference in the look.

Replacing the windows will not only make your home look much better, but they can help keep your home more secure. Old windows used glass that was fairly thin and easy to break. One of the points of entry most often used by burglars is a window. They look for open windows or ones that easily be opened or the glass broken. The windows made today are a stronger glass that is not easily broken. One example of a company that offers vinyl windows pittsburgh is Window Installation Specialists.

Save on Energy Costs

Before windows were as energy-efficient as the are today, people use to cover them with plastic in the winter to help keep out drafts. This made it difficult to see and often caused the glass to either become fogged or sweat when it was sunny. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones can help to keep your home comfortable in the summer and the winter. Energy costs will be less, and you don’t have to compromise being able to see outside.

Replacing old windows has many advantages for homeowners. In addition to the ones already mentioned, they can help to mute sound from outside as well as protecting furnishings from the sun’s rays.